Embed Innovation Into Your Teaching

Enhance your curriculum and prepare your students to think innovatively.

Innovation and creativity skills can be learned, honed and mastered. An increasing number of educators are recognizing the importance of teaching these skills, yet they have not embraced teaching innovation because they are not sure how.

Want To Teach Innovation?

Traditional courses on innovation: 

  • Are forgettable 
  • Don’t increase innovative thinking
  • Do not build any student innovation skills
  • Lack practical relevance
  • Are difficult to deliver online
  • Fail to offer participative content 
innovation teaching

Designed to meet your teaching needs

Basadur offers participative content for Educators to catalyze their teaching of creativity, innovation, collaboration, and leadership 

Are you interested in teaching Creativity and Innovation but don’t know where to start? 

  • Includes slides, syllabus, study plan, handouts, supplementary readings and materials, instructors guide, and quizzes
  • Experiential, project-based learning assignments
  • One-hour consultation for instructors and ongoing support throughout the course 
  • In-person and hybrid delivery

Are you looking to reinvigorate your teaching by incorporating new, engaging and interactive content? 

  • Modules and lessons for your existing courses

  • Content that can cover one session or an entire module (4-5 sessions)
  • Courses are application-oriented, include brief lectures and an instructor guide, in addition to a one-hour pre-consultation for instructors

Do you need help with student team design?


  • Is a proven assessment instrument, validated by research, that provides insight into team member problem solving preferences.
  • Is quick, easy, and painless to administer
  • Offers team Scatter Reports that map the style diversity of teams
  • Helps students understand why they prefer certain tasks over others and appreciate diverse thinking styles of their fellow team members
  • Uses a Debrief session, by a qualified facilitator, to help develop students become collaborative team members
  • Helps educators teach how to organize teams in a way that ensures diversity, collective knowledge expansion, and optimal team performance

Develop a Self Sustaining System of Innovation

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