Head Office Says We Have To Do It This Way 

When implementing changes, does your organization consider all stakeholders in a decision?

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Head Office Says We Have To Do It This Way


In most organizations, there is a culture of repetition…

Sometimes organizations try to be very efficient and have excellent procedures for customer service but when a change is made with good intentions by one department without considering the customer experience, chaos and dissatisfaction can result.

What Can Happen During The innovation Process

One department makes a change which will increase its efficiency but fails to consider what the change will do to other departments or the organization as a whole. This what we call “silo thinking”. What is needed instead is what is called “systems thinking”.

Summary Of Learnings
  • The “why-what’s stopping” analysis helps you align your organization’sinternal challenges with external customer-focused challenges.
  • If you remember that your organization’s primary challenge is to improve customer satisfaction, you can demonstrate effective organizational lead-ership beyond your department. Applying the “why-what’s stopping” process to this primary challenge helps individuals align their own challenges with those of the organization’s customers.
  • Customers’ problems become the organization’s critical challenges. Thus, your company’s goals are defined by putting yourself in your customers’shoes and creating their problem definition maps. The Simplex process and process skills help you to identify your key customers and define their most critical challenges. Any challenges that your organization’s employees tackle should aim to solve the key customer problems you’ve identified.

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