The Basadur Innovation Academy

We live in an increasingly complex world. More than ever, we’re confronted by new situations that call for new ways of thinking.


This is why we set up the Basadur Innovation Academy. Comprising a range of interactive online workshops, it’s a unique learning environment that will teach you how to ask the right questions, identify the right problems, and develop innovative solutions for the real-world issues your organization faces.

And as with all leading academies, you’ll become qualified, with graduates becoming certified practitioners in the Basadur system.

Foundations of the Basadur Simplexity Innovation System

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Does the following sound familiar?
Your team meetings never seem to achieve anything. People seem to work against each other rather than with each other. You constantly find yourself thinking “that idea will never work”, and challenges remain unanswered.

What if you could:
Work in an inclusive, collaborative way to spark new ideas and really get things done? Learn an innovation system that lets you define problems clearly, solve them creatively, and uncover new opportunities? In other words, work effectively with your colleagues to see genuine breakthroughs?

Well you can.
And this course shows you how.

Foundations of the Basadur Simplexity Innovation System is for anyone who recognises the above. It teaches you how to understand your own unique innovation style, and how, in combination with others, it can be used to maximize creative thinking for everyone’s collective benefit.

What will you learn and how is it done?
You’ll learn how to execute the Simplexity innovation process anytime and anywhere. You’ll learn how to tackle any situation where initiative, imagination and tolerance of ambiguity are key. You’ll discover how to use Simplexity Thinking to not just solve problems, but uncover opportunities you previously hadn’t thought existed.

Take this course and you will:

1. Build the skills that drive innovation.

2. Work in teams in an inclusive, fast and innovative way.

3. Develop concrete innovation techniques you can use at any time.


The feeling that you’re often working on the wrong problem.

Team members not contributing because they know they won’t be listened to.

Dismissing ideas before they’ve even got off the ground.

Leaving meetings with no plan of action, so that situations just repeat themselves.


Identifying the right problem and defining it clearly.

Team members contributing effectively because everyone is valued and opinions are judged in an unbiased way.

Ideas flourishing because accepted mindsets and patterns of working are done away with.

Devising concrete steps so that solutions are put into action and changes happen.

Are there any prerequisites for this course?

What does the course consist of and how long does it take?
Foundations of the Basadur Simplexity Innovation System consists of 4 online modules each lasting 30 – 40 minutes.

What do I become certified in?
Once you’ve completed the course you’ll become certified in Foundations of the Basadur Simplexity Innovation System.

Yes, I would like to take the Foundations of the Basadur Simplexity Innovation System course.

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