Define the right problem with the right people to find the right solution

Build A Collaborative Team To Solve Innovative Problems


Problems arise every single day in all aspects of life.  All too often, people make assumptions in an attempt to find a solution.  What they don’t realize is that without properly defining their problem, a true resolution can never be found.

In business, before jumping to conclusions and executing a perceived strategic plan, it is imperative to do a complete job of fact-finding.  The individuals involved must take the time to discuss organizational goals and ideas at all levels of employment; not just managers or supervisors.  

By involving at least one individual from every affected department will ensure that all facts are considered.  Many employers waste their time on problems that don’t even exist; had they just taken the time to follow the creative process, fact finding would streamline the problem and direct it to an effective solution.   


There are seven fact-finding strategies that can help remove the fuzziness from a problem:

  1. Divergently seeking possibly relevant facts
  2. Using several viewpoints
  3. Being aware of unconscious assumptions
  4. Avoiding a negative attitude towards problems
  5. Sharing information 
  6. Having the courage to say what you think
  7. Looking for the truth 

By utilizing proper fact-finding techniques, people will not only solve the right problems, but they will start to realize that problem finding is merely a part of the innovative process.  Fuzzy situations become easier to manage as employees help to uncover important and relevant facts.  With all of the right people involved, innovative solutions that are based on targeted problems will result.

Bringing all affected people together is imperative to the fact-finding process as it eliminates fuzzy situations and leads to solving organizational problems.

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