Does your organization value teams that work nicely together, have few personality conflicts and easily reach a consensus? If so, you may be promoting ‘group-think’ and robbing yourself of real solutions, real creativity and real innovation.

At Basadur Applied Creativity, we’ve researched team building and determined how to create business teams that do more than just complete a project or solve a problem. They consistently deliver results that meet and exceed business objectives.

Our research has demonstrated that a team comprised of different problem-solving styles is generally more productive and innovative. Each member brings a unique perspective to the problem, greatly reducing the risk of an isolated or ‘silo’d’ view. Such teams provide a more balanced approach with their own, built-in checks and balances. A properly constructed team will also regulate itself, challenging concepts and ideas.

The key to determining your team members’ creative problem-solving styles is the Basadur Creative Problem Solving Profile. Complete the Basadur Profile questionnaire today.