If you are a person who sees the need and you would like someone to participate, it’s the power of the pre-consult that prevails. If you’ve got someone and you want that person to participate because you believe in it – the key is to ask the owner to sit down with you for an hour or two to do a pre-consult.

You may not call it that but it’s the idea of just experiencing the process and helping the owner figure out – get a better definition of what he/she is really trying to accomplish. You’re just trying to help the owner – you’re not going to solve anything but just get a better handle on what the problem is so it’s a service to that person to really define or frame the problem well. At the same time the owner is going to experience the methodology you’re going to use giving you high hope, and a high track record they’ll relax with it and like it.

Another thing we do a lot is to ask the owner to go online and do the Basadur profile to get a feeling of how the process works – something we call “the thin edge of the wedge”. And so if the owner is willing to spend a little time with you to help define the problem and at the same time experience the process, it’s a great way to give it a try. One of our mantras is that if you can get a pre-consult with an owner, nine times out of ten they’ll be willing to go through the process with the team.