How Might Fact-Finding Lead To Empathy And Convergent Thinking In Teams?


fact finding lead to empathy

Master Facilitative Leader, Shannon Wagers of P&G, shares the value of the Profile to reveal individual employee styles, leading to increased acceptance, understanding, and innovation.

Q1:  What was the company (client’s) need prior to your arrival?

SW: Recently I received a call to facilitate a 2-day workshop that targeted employees’ lack of awareness of coworkers’ styles and their need for empathy through fact-finding.

Q2:  Did the makeup of the team scatter diagram affect your approach to the session?

SW: Once I had the results of the scatter diagram it helped me to understand “how deep of a lake I was stepping into.” After doing a pre-consult, I discovered there was a human-centric problem. Fact finding was my pre-work and all of the standard questions resonated with the group, but the power of telescoping created deep and meaningful empathy for their fuzzy situation.

Q3:  How did (assuming it did) the profile increase conversation among the group?

SW: What never ceases to amaze me is the instant effect of sharing the diagram with the employees; participants began connecting, even with those of which they may have had limited or no relationship at all. By simply utilizing the Profile as a fact finding initiative, it naturally lead to empathy and a development of rapport for one another. We discussed how the profile reveals each individuals’ strengths and how we can leverage everyone in order to come together as a team.


Q4:  What skill building exercises (if any) did you provide to the group before facilitating?

SW: Through the implementation of various skill building exercises, developed by Basadur, I began seeing divergent, convergent, and deferral of judgment skills emerge. As empathy and awareness increased, there became less of an us versus them attitude and more of a we are one team with the same goal.

Q5:  How did you lead the group through fact-finding – did any prompter questions resonant with the group more than others?

SW: There was a realization that everyone can contribute and what was originally seen as having competing agendas, teams began problem solving together as they realized they were more alike than different. Each individual altered their frame of thinking based on the facts in order to create an action plan.

Q6:  What were the team’s greatest takeaways/learnings?

SW: As a whole, the team’s greatest takeaway was the calibration of their fuzzy situation and developing a connectedness from experiencing the profile; there was a newly acquired awareness and appreciation of styles of each employee.

fact finding

Q7:  Did you notice any changes in behavior as the group navigated through the process?

SW: By the end of the 2-day workshop, I witnessed a real change in behavior and interactions. A collective action plan was developed to move forward and it was being executed by one, unified team.

Q8:  What was the final result?

SW: These were C-suite executives that, with the help of some fact finding, revealed how empathy can lead to breakthroughs and convergent thinking to achieve success. Opening up communication and the understanding of self and others, was the catalyst for change and developing unified progress.

Q9:  Why do you think you were successful in this situation?

SW: Both during and after the event, appreciation and gratitude were synonymous to the process of SIMPLEXITY.

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