Having a new idea is fine, but there really is no creativity until it is implemented.

The creative process can be thought of as having two halves.  The first half is called “making the familiar strange”.   The second half is called “making the (new) strange familiar”.
Generating and conceptualizing are the first half activities which break our connections with our past understanding.  This is uncomfortable.  Optimizing and implementing are the second half activities which take over to solidify our new connections and our new understanding.  Things are now comfortable again.

In reality, creativity is something we DO, not just think about.  One definition of creativity is “implemented change”.   When we experience the change we have made, we truly understand the creative process and all of its parts.

This week’s Minsight: Remember that  the creative process is never-ending.   This new understanding which we now find familiar, will someday itself be disrupted.  The new connections we have made will be broken and things will become strange again.   If we are going to grow, we have to become used to experiencing and accepting the discomforts along the way.