Innovative thinking and the ability to collaborate with others are among the top non- technical abilities reported as vital for 21st-century careers and for organizational competitiveness.  Innovative thinking is based on four fundamental skills and like all skills, they can be learned and developed to a very high level. 

The application of these skills can significantly contribute to innovation and creativity for any organization.

With the Simplexity Innovation Thinking Skills Certification, these essential thinking skills will become internalized, leading to the successful engagement of Simplexity’s innovation process and resulting in the development of good solutions for an organization’s thorniest problems.

The webinar presents a safe learning experience where you will gain a thorough understanding of the Simplexity Innovation Thinking Skills  with supporting scientific research.  The webinar is experiential and all registrants benefit from consistent engagement in the program.  Upon completion, you will be certified to apply the skills and engage others in the Simplexity Innovation Thinking Skills.

No prerequisite is required to attend. Contact Us To Learn More