Naush has worked internationally partnering with CEOs, functional heads and their teams and a track record of leading major initiatives focused on improvements in working capital, margin/pricing and productivity/efficiency. Here’s what he has to say about Basadur:

“Over the last two years, I have implemented Simplexity Thinking System across several organisations including big corporates and family owned businesses to help leaders define and solve some of their biggest challenges. The clients have benefited immensely in terms of results/impact and allowing them to fully leverage creativity of their staff and instil ownership and accountability in them. The structured and practical approach to creative problem solving has been extremely refreshing and revolutionary in term of opening the minds of leaders and their teams to new possibilities and options and building consensus among them to drive change. In short, Simplextity Thinking System is a game changer in the VUCA world we live in and a catalyst for organisations to become more adaptable!”